Destination Pelvic Pain, training course.

Mona Lisa Smile Team

The aim of the course was to set out towards the sinuous world of Pelvic Pain, to explore its intricacies, from many points of view. To obtain a panoramic vision and enhance the cultural itinerary of those who, like us, believe in the boundless diagnostic potential of ultrasound.

On a group trip, with the awareness that the exchange of ideas is always the basis of our professional growth. And as in the best journeys we will be accompanied by expert guides, speakers of great value with whom we share the passion for gynecological ultrasound and the desire to reach increasingly distant destinations.

This conference is aimed at gynecologists, doctors in training, involved in the management of endometriosis pathology, who want to learn or deepen guidelines, diagnostic and management methods and learn about updates relating to the topic of pelvic pain. An area that closely concerns the topic of endometriosis and which globally involves women's health at all ages.

The panel of speakers featured some of the leading national and international experts in the clinical field and offers a high level of experience to share with the participants. The synergistic nature of the Congress allowed the involvement of speakers from 2 participants of the Mona Lisa Smile partnership: UNIBO and IRCCS Policlinico Sant'Orsola.

The normalization of female pain, i.e. the social belief that pain in women is a non-pathological condition, combined with the difficulty of talking about menstrual problems, can create a stigma capable of interfering with early diagnosis already from adolescence, when pelvic pain is generally underestimated.


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Adenomyosis and abnormal uterine bleeding, international meeting in Siena.

Mona Lisa Smile Team

The 3 days were held in Siena, 30h November - 2nd December 2023 organized by the local group led by prof. Errico Zupi of the University of Siena with the participation of Italian and international speakers and moderators who are experts in this field from UNIBO and IRCCS Bologna. Participants will have the opportunity to broaden their skills on adenomyosis and abnormal uterine bleeding, acquiring the most recent knowledge on diagnostic-therapeutic management.


MONA LISA SMILE, Professional Education and Early Diagnosis of endometriosis in adolescence

Mona Lisa Smile Team

Endometriosis is a chronic benign disease characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. It affects 10% of reproductive-aged women worldwide, with a huge negative impact on their daily life activities, emotional wellbeing and social relations. Moreover, it represents an economic burden, both for patients and healthcare systems. Despite the wide diffusion and increasing healthcare awareness of the disease, the diagnostic delay is still a reason for concern. Globally, the delay from symptom onset to diagnosis is currently estimated at 7-11 years.
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